About the Foundation

The Prostate Cancer Initiative

The Issue:

There are 2.8 million men in the USA with prostate cancer. There are 230,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year (American Cancer Society). Approximately 10% or 30,000 of these men will die each year. “This death rate has not significantly changed since the 1930s, in spite of aggressive and invasive conventional treatments (Dr. Julian Whitaker).” Many more will suffer impotence and incontinence and the return of cancer due to inappropriate and/or unnecessary treatments. A recent British study suggests that conventional treatment will be no more successful than doing nothing (The Prostate Intervention Versus Observation Trust (PIVOT)).

The Demographics:

Prostate Cancer used to be called an old man’s disease, meaning a disease that affected men over sixty. Today, prostate cancer is being diagnosed in men as young as 45 and is commonly diagnosed in men in their early fifties. Prostate Cancer does not discriminate as to race, however black men have a diagnosis rate over 30% higher than white men. Furthermore, Japanese men who have adopted the American lifestyle and diet are diagnosed at the same high level as Caucasian men; even though Japanese men living a traditional lifestyle in Japan have a lower rate of prostate cancer and an even lower death rate.

Healing Arts Education Foundation

Healing Arts Education Foundation, a 501c3 corporation, was founded in 2010. CEO and Founder, Peter Starr was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2004 and based on information (or lack of it) received from his urologist, started studying all treatment options available to him.  Starr read the available literature and studies, spoke with many other prostate cancer patients, consulted with expert doctors on three continents before putting together a program which he still uses today, sixteen years from his diagnosis. Seven years after diagnosis, Starr started researching for the production of a documentary called “Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery Drugs or Radiation”. This 3 DVD set and 40 page resource guide is the center of the Foundation’s philosophy of educating men about the “natural, holistic” ways of treating and reversing prostate cancer without resorting to surgery, drugs, or radiation. Thereby avoiding the often, debilitating side effects associated with conventional therapies. This DVD is now available through the shop.

Mission Statement:

Healing Arts Education Foundation, a 501c3 Federally registered charity, the instigator of The Prostate Cancer Initiative is the leading organization helping men understand prostate cancer and how to reverse it without surgery, drugs or radiation. The Foundation is firmly committed to:

  • Educating men and their significant others about natural therapies for prostate cancer that work.
  • Helping men make educated and informed decisions about avoiding unwanted and unnecessary “side effects” from conventional prostate cancer treatments.
  • Helping men who have undergone conventional prostate cancer treatments and now suffer from unwanted and often debilitating “side effects”, understand their disease better and how natural therapies can help them in their current condition.
  • Helping men who have undergone conventional prostate cancer treatments and whose cancer has returned, understand the current state of their disease and how they can positively affect their quality of life through natural means.
  •  Continue to research the causes and natural treatments that can positively affect the outcome of the disease.

Practical Application of our Mission Statement:

Civic Group Out-Reach Program

We have identified a need for our education program among social/civic groups such as Rotary Clubs. These clubs have speakers who present their subject in a 20 – 25 minute presentation. We have prepared an audio/visual speech presentation designed specifically for these groups.  We are currently securing sponsorship support to cover the costs so that we may offer this program free of charge.

As an additional outreach, we offer a lunchtime presentation (approximately 20 – 25 minutes) for employees of various corporate entities. We have had interest expressed from Mazda, Kawasaki and Yamaha at this point – mainly because of Mr. Starr’s connections with those companies.

PBS Special “Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery Drugs or Radiation”  

Our documentary is currently released as a 3 DVD set with a 40 page resource guide and available to the general public through our website shop. A shorter version, 60 minutes, has been broadcast on many PBS television stations, as a “Pledge Drive” for funding PBS.

About Peter Starr:

Peter Starr is a producer, director, and writer of documentary films who has been honored with 14 major international awards for filmmaking, including the Chicago (Gold) and Houston (Silver) International Film Festivals. He has produced and directed over 40 television specials on motorcycling and motorsports, a subject of which he has great passion.

His work has been seen in cinemas and on television networks in the USA and Europe. Starr has also written feature articles for several nationally distributed auto and motorcycle magazines and is the author of two coffee table, large format books about his motorcycling life. In 2011, Peter Starr was inducted into the Trailblazers Hall of Fame and in 2017 inducted into the American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Fame.


This lecture/presentation is for educational purposes only. Nothing in this lecture is intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnose or treat any disease. It is based on the personal experience of Peter Starr and what he learned from the 56 doctors who contributed to the documentary “Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery, Drugs or Radiation” and is for educational purposes only.