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Peter Starr’s documentary film, Surviving Prostate Cancer without Drugs, Surgery, or Radiation, sends a very informative and much needed shot across the bow of all of our lives. The theme of this shot is about prostate cancer, and human healing.
Since prostate cancer affects 1 out of 6 men, we are all going to be directly involved, or indirectly involved, in some manner with the lives and journey of those who are so affected. Like all of the disease conditions which exist on the spectrum of chaotic cell growth expression, prostate cancer is amenable to manifold treatment options which we can discern by enabling our own self discovery and self accountability evolution.
This documentary masterpiece is a unique groundbreaking, and foundation shaking, offering from an experienced documentary film maker; one who began his self discovery process of natural healing some 7 years ago when he was a diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Instead of accepting a radical prostatectomy, radiation, or chemotherapy as his treatment alternatives, Peter initiated his own exploration into the biochemistry, biomechanics, and the body-mind-emotion-spirit interface considerations of the prostate cancer process.
He travelled the world over to visit, consult with, and interview many conventional allopathic medical experts, holistic medical experts, and prostate cancer patients; assimilating along the way a vast amount of experiential information into a single film. This offering will serve as a new touchstone standard and platform for anyone, and those associated with them, to consider when embarking on a healing of the life which brings any chaotic cell growth pattern into form.
Every adult should see this film and consider the wonderful avenues of exploration which Peter has woven together for us. This film is very important for all of us who face prostate cancer, as well as the other disease processes which are so abnormally and commonly present in our society.
The curing and healing of a human life is an ongoing adventure into the realms of our true identity at the levels of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Peter Starr’s new film about healing prostate cancer dissolves the confusing clouds of our unknowing, and initiates our consciousness into these levels of our true being.
John Day M.D.

Dave Martin

As an editor of a weekly health care newspaper I was particularly interested in the program developed by Peter Starr called Surviving Prostate Cancer.

I was truly impressed and somewhat surprised by this excellent explanation of an issue that is near and dear to most men and their significant other, prostate cancer. This program goes beyond a single issue and delves into the vary basics of medical treatment and physician motivations. I highly recommend you watch Surviving Prostate Cancer.

David C. Martin
Health Care Weekly Review™

Dr. Mick Hall N.D.

Our society forces every male to become concerned about his prostate health by at least the age of 65. Unfortunately, there is very little dependable information available that will enlighten a man on the subject. The documentary; "Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery, Drugs or Radiation," produced by Peter Starr, is the most comprehensive presentation I have ever seen to educate a man on this vital subject, as well as to provide diverse solution options. This presentation is a must-see for every man! No man should be without the vital information Mr. Starr has gathered and so eloquently presented. 

Dr. Mick Hall
Author of "Let's End Illness Now"

Vaughn Harada

This should be mandatory viewing for all men and be part of a Health 101 curriculum for medical students.

Vaughn Harada DDS, HMD, NMD, CA

Carl Meyer

This is something every man (and their spouse) needs to watch. It’s educational and informative…overall, a terrific documentary.

CEO and Publisher
American Greatest Brands

Dan Oelkers

I found, "Surviving Prostate Cancer without Drugs, Surgery, or Radiation", by Peter Starr a refreshing, honest, and straight forward wealth of information. Something that isn't available anywhere else. The knowledge that was shared by the health providers in the interviews is, in my opinion, unequaled and not forthcoming in its entirety from any health professional that I have spoken with.
Dan Oelkers - Coach Prostate 90.

Karen Giles

I will make certain every man I know and care about watches this movie. The information in this movie will save their lives. I was also personally inspired to change some of my old thinking and nutrition habits to get and stay on the healthy living track. The message in the movie is strong and clear motivating men with accurate information about prostate health. Thank you Peter for your contribution and courage to make this movie.

Chris Nugent

As a man of prostate cancer age I found this film very sobering. It let me know just how little I know about my own body and the workings of the medical industry. But perhaps more importantly it showed me there are options available should I be unfortunate enough to get prostate cancer or any other cancer for that matter.

Gail Hannett:

An eye-opening sojourn through prostate cancer – from prevention to diagnosis to clinically successful treatment options unknown to most men, and ignored by the cancer industry. The unvarnished truth about maintaining prostate health and alternate options for cancer treatment.
Gail. Hannett, MS(C) - Clinical Nutrition Counselor

Mike Vaughan

I found it to be very enlightening, and learned a lot about prostrate cancer, and other cancers that I didn't know before. I'm amazed that the medical profession has largely ignored, or overlooked this aspect of treatment (healing?). Were I diagnosed with PC yesterday I would have probably decided, without a great deal of thought, that yes, the Dr's right and I need to get the damn thing excised. Now my reaction would be, I need to look at all the options and decide which in my viewpoint is best.

Martin Zapp

The information presented in these DVD's is vital to those interested in
health and wellness, and particularly those affected by cancer. The information is clear, and actionable, and gives the viewer the opportunity to explore areas of particular interest to them in considerable depth. This is a must-see for anyone middle aged or beyond.

Hajo Hadeler

This documentary by Peter Starr on PROSTATE CANCER will hold your attention from beginning to end. The research is thorough, the information provided is vital and up-to-date and the craftsmanship is exceptional.
Hajo Hadeler